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Mooncup lurve!

I've used my Mooncup now for over a year, but permit me a moment of rhapsodizing, please?

My period is late. It usually arrives promptly Monday morning (thank you HBC!)
I put 'Bloody Mary (my cup) in right before work. I have a light flow so didn't change it for about 14 hours, and when I did, there was nothing. I put 'er back in, and forgot she was in there until just now. Out she came and yet again, nothing.
When I wore tampons I'd be so sore by the second or third day of wearing them that I'd have to switch to pads for the remainder of my period.

If I had still been wearing tampons, and we'd been two days in to wearing them and still no period, I would be a hurting, miserable individual before it was over. With the cup though it's easy and even if I wear it for a week, it never makes me sore or dries me out.
I am so in love.


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