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Got my cup just in time!

I ordered my Keeper Moon Cup on (type "menstrual cups" in the search box, without the quotes, of course) last week, Friday to be exact, and it arrived today! *I'm dancing around joyfully!* I'm new to this community, but I've been reading the public posts for a while now.

Anyway, as far as insertion goes, I had no trouble getting my cup in and positioning it properly. However, I did cringe a little when I took the cup out of the box it came in for inspection. I got over the initial shock, though, once I boiled it and tried it out. The only thing that may be an issue is the stem, but whatever. I can cut that if it bugs me too much. I used the C fold, in case anyone really wants to know. The way I made it work was by gripping it tightly between my thumb and forefinger, and turning it so that it resembles the letter U, with the bottom of the U facing back towards my butt, and sliding it in. Note: I had to maintain the tight grip on the cup while it was folded this way, because it had a very strong inclination to pop open before it was inserted all the way. This may not be the best fold for someone with limited hand dexterity. And the best part of it all is ... I may have started my period today. Yay! Don't think I've been excited about being on my period before ... LOL.

I haven't removed it yet, but hopefully it isn't a disaster. Don't want the bathroom looking like a crime scene.
Tags: dry run, insertion - folding methods, keeper moon cup, success stories
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