jonoelle (jonoelle) wrote in menstrual_cups,

It's been a long journey to get here

I heard of menstrual cups 4 yrs ago. they were gross back then. even a couple years ago I was still iffy about them. but lately tampons cause pain and feel too lumpy in there. so I bought a Moon Cup (usa).  

Today is my first day. insertion and expulsion are fine. but it sure fills up quickly. I'll need to look for posts here about that issue. The insert said it usually only needs to be emptied every 8 hours. mine was FULL in 4. off to search archived posts...

I decided to blog my New Adventure with the Moon Cup. and I allowed to post that here? well, if not- I'm sure someone will delete it. But if anyone is interested in my Sangre Saga- it is here:

Tags: keeper

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