kariekat (kariekat) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I can't insert divacup

ok .. i poste few days ago and i recieved your comments and it was very appreciated.. but still I CAN'T INSERT IT... i'm just crying now and i'm acting like a bitch with everyone now because i'm so mad at myself... but i touched what i think is my cervix  ( is it a big bump that you can move a little bit?)  anyway i'm pretty sure its my cervix because when i insert my divacup it blocks down there and i can't move it deeper. Plus, when i put my divacup i can't touched the bump anymore so its ouviously in the cup like its suppose to be...but the problem is that the end of my cup is out of my vagina.. shopuld i cut it off...or tried to push it again??... all the time the cup was tottally end i think it was because the cup was not open ... I already cut a little part of it and its almost all in... but should i take the chance to cut it all or .. do you think i'm not inserting it properly..

sorry again for my bad english i'm francophone..

thank you.. seriously i just want to trow my cup in the garbage righ now after thousant times of tries...:(

Tags: teething troubles

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