Kelly Holden (kelly_holden) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Kelly Holden

Hello again ladies, and various uterus-enabled people who might identify otherwise.
I've begun my first period using a cup, and um, I've noticed it smells funny, a sweet smell kinda like honey (note I say 'sweet', not 'pleasant'). I only noticed it in the last two empties, when my flow changed from the blood-tinged yellow liquid it started as to something that somewhat resembles blood (the change in flow fits with my observations with pads). It doesn't resemble the scent of Lunette washing liquid at all, and that and water is all I've been using. I have been using a glycerine-based lube even though somebody advised against in the comments of my last entry, as I kinda need it and haven't been able to get back to the shops to get a different one, but it isn't scented, and even pure glycerine doesn't smell.
Is this normal, and I only think it's weird because I'm used to the rather different smell of oxidised menstrual flow, or is this something I might need to pay attention to?
Tags: cleaning - smells

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