neal123 (neal123) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Need some help... :(

Hi Everyone. So, this is my second period I've had with the divacup. I love it, and it feels so much more cleaner than pads. The first period I had was really successful, but the second time around seems more problematic.

My first concern is this: I'm a virgin, so my hymen's still intact. My first cycle with the diva saw a tiny bit of tearing and bleeding when inserting the cup, but it wasn't a big deal. I thought that would've been the end of the hymen problem though, but I was wrong. I'm a lot drier on this period I have now, so I ended up tearing my hymen when inserting the cup really forcibly the other night because I was so darn frustrated when it had trouble going in. I ended up with a gush of bright red blood all over my hand!! I was so scared... I'm wearing a pad right now because I'm still sore... I think lube would remedy the insertion next time, right? .___. And a whole lot of calmness and patience.

My second issue is this: There's no menstrual blood leakage when I wear the cup, but I do notice really, really light yellow/brown stains that isn't blood on the pantyliners I wear for insurance. Is this normal?? Is it just vaginal discharge?
Thanks for all your time and words of experience, ladies.

Tags: insertion - painful or problems, teething troubles, virginity
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