kariekat (kariekat) wrote in menstrual_cups,

i bought my divacup about one week ago and i started my period 3 days ago. Before my period, i tried my divacup several times it was hard at first but after a while it seemed okay. But when i started my period I also started my nuvaring. at first i was unabled to put my cup because it was blocking so i deciede to put the ring to the side. After almost 50 tries, i could finally get it in. but the problem is that i cant get in in properly. Everytime i put it, its leaking all over. There is blood almost all over the sides except in. I,m pretty sure its because there is no succion, but i cant turn it and when i touched with my finger, its seems suizz but open! Can anyone help me so i cant get it the right way to use it because after almost 100 tries i fell a little bit depress :(
thank you
P.S. sorry for my english i'm francophone .. I come from Québec !!!:)

Tags: insertion, leakage & spotting, nuvaring
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