Quinne Socrates (quinnesocrates) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Quinne Socrates

graphic question

Okay so if you're under 18 or whatever, someone might not want you reading this.


How long do DivaCups usually last? I'm 25 and child-free. I've had my size one Diva for about 3 years and never ever had a single problem until a few months ago when randomly it started to leak the tiniest bit on heavy days. I've always been pretty "tight," for lack of a better term, but the leakage coincided to the time I started dating a dude with an impressively large penis. Like big enough that the first few times we had sex it hurt and I bled a little bit. It's not like I can notice a difference or anything, but I was wondering if maybe he, um, stretched me out a little.

Does anyone have any insights? Is my cup wearing out, or did I get "stretched?"
Tags: sexual activity
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