ladycontent (ladycontent) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Would Soaking the Cup in Yogurt Kill Yeast?

So, yet another post about the dreaded y.i. I followed the yogurt advice and inserted it into my cup, but found when I took it out the next morning, most of the yogurt was still in the cup. I decided to try a more direct method and used a tampon applicator to squirt some yogurt up there. For two days, I didn't feel any itching or discomfort!!

Then I began to spot today, as  my period is arriving soon, so I stuck my cup in. I BEGAN ITCHING! I'm assuming my cup reinfected me, as I didn't bring it to a boil (but did soak it in boiling water and washed it out thoroughly). I didn't want to boil it as I don't like the idea of having yeast spores in my cooking pot and haven't had the opportunity to get  a pot just for boiling purposes yet. Would it really react that quickly??

I'm assuming that since yogurt kills the yeast in me, it would do the same for my cup... so I currently have it soaking in a jar of yogurt. Is that weird? Is my thought process completely off?

Let me know your opinions.
Tags: yeast infections
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