twentystitches (twentystitches) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Looking to try again.

Hey guys. Hoping you can give me a little insight. I'm a decently healthy 20 year old.

Awhile back I tried switching to menstral cups, using the smaller size of the Diva cup. It was much better than just using pads/tampons but there was still a few problems. I had a lot of leaks most of the time, so I basically ended up using it with a pad-which kind of defeats the purpose. And around the second/third day of my period I get really bad cramps. They seem to be worse when something is up inside so sometimes I don't even use a tampon. I'm not sure if this is because of improper instertion with the cup/tampon or just the way my body works.

This summer I'm going to be studying in China and honestly, worrying about my period is something I'd like to be really low on my list. XD So I'd like to give menstral cups another try. What brand would you ladies suggest? I'm willing to try with the Diva cup again if it looks like that will be the best bet.
Tags: buying decisions
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