ellyzoe (ellyzoe) wrote in menstrual_cups,

no suction with diva?

hi ladies,

i've read through lots of posts, but haven't found a way to solve my problem. i have a diva cup and i have the fairly common problem of it liking to "hang out". but not just that---i think i can't really get any suction at all---i can just pull it out easily by tugging at the bottom.

i'm not having my period today (while i was trying repeatedly to get it to stay in) so that may influence the "shape of things" etc, but the last time i tried it (my last period---august of 2005---ack!), i also had this problem. i got it to suction in once, and then it was higher up and just sat great, but i can't seem to replicate that. i've tried 7 fold, c fold, punch in fold, origami fold (though i can't get the bottom to fold up like she shows in the pics), i've tried putting it in low, putting it in high, stirring...

i'm not totally sure if it's popping open completely. sometimes it seems very squashed, no matter how much i rotate. sometimes it seems more open. it's never still "folded"...

any suggestions on how to get it to suction in?


Tags: insertion, seal & suction
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