bree_zy (bree_zy) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hey everyone,

I'm a first time Divacup user and I just finished my first cycle with it (well, almost). About the 4th day into my period, I woke up and realized that my vagina was super itchy and extremely red and irritated. At first I thought maybe I was just annoyed from taking the cup in and out to clean and such. Luckily I was done bleeding by this point so I just kept it out to give my vagina a chance to heal. That was yesterday and I'm still really uncomfortable today. I was thinking that maybe I'd contracted a yeast infection, but talking to my sister about it, she thinks I'm allergic to the silicone in the Divacup.

Has anyone had a first time reaction like this?

I'm pretty sure by reading the memories that the keeper is made of latex, but is it different in size? I've been using the smaller model of the Diva and it really feels too big for me so I was thinking of switching to a Lunette before all of this happened.

Thanks for any help! Any suggestions to ease my pain/itching would be greatly appreciated as well.

Tags: allergies - silicone, first time use, teething troubles, yeast infections

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