Kristine (burn_thesky) wrote in menstrual_cups,

new to instead!

Hi everyone, i had been reading up about the instead cup and in an emergency yesterday, i purchased and tried it. So far so good. I have always used tampons, but i am in a serious relationship and only see my boyfriend about twice a month if that, since i'm away at college and he's back home. He was coming to get me yesterday for a private weekend away, and i got my period, so i ran to rite aid and picked up the cup, because i heard you can have sex with it in, and that is was sold me on it. My boyfriend knew i had it in, and barely even noticed it when we had sex. I read that some people have had hard times with the cup, but i really havent had any complaints. I havent had a leak, and even tho the website says to use one finger to hook, i found that impossible. Instead, i use both my thumb and my pointer finger to grab the cup and pull it out and that seems to work fine. It is kind of messy, but as long as you pull the cup out while your on the toilet, it's really no big deal. So I'm very happy with this so far and I'm glad this community exists so that i could get a ton of important information about it before i tried it. Also, i haven't had any cramping with it in, i don't even notice its there. Even though it says to throw it away, i decided to rinse it out and reuse it for the entire cycle and i haven't had a single issue with that either.
Tags: instead, success stories
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