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Washing Cup + Yeast Infections + Yucky Pan???

So I went to the gyno today, and it turns out I do have a yi and have probably had one for some time now. I want to make sure my cup is clean and won't re-infect me for next week's period (if I manage to get rid of my infection by then). I've been reading up on the posts on yi's and have gathered that boiling is my best option, followed closely by vinegar soaks.

Do both of these options effectively kill active yeast and yeast spores? Now how about the pan that I'm boiling it in... will there be leftover yeast/yuckies in there? Is it necessary to clean the pouch as well?

I got a one dose oral pill and an ointment from the doc, but I think I'm going to go the natural route first and try yogurt/garlic.

Anyway, any advice would be wonderful!

PS) I've managed to get three people onto cups!! I bought my sister one for her birthday a few months back and she loves hers! My Mom and my friend were both SUPER grossed out by it, and both are now anxiously awaiting their period to give it a try!! Keeping my fingers crossed that they love it too!

Think about it... women go through about 6800 disposables in their lifetime (according to Gladrags) so through the support of this community, I switched to a cup, as did three others = 27,200 disposables diverted from the landfills thanks to everyone here!!! (Just some 1am trivia for you!!)
Tags: cleaning - boiling, yeast infections

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