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shipping question

THings seem to be a bit quiet here today, so I thought I would post a question. You may recall I ordered a Mooncup UK from an eBay store in the UK a few weeks back. I got an email on 3.20 that it had been shipped. I have not received it yet. I sent an email on Friday asking if they had tracking info to see if I could locate it and have not gotten a response. My question is: how long should one wait for a delivery from jolly ol' England? Do I report a problem to eBay? I have never had a problem with getting anything thru there, so I am not sure of the appropriate course next.

Edit: Evidently, all I had to do was ask you fine ladies. I got home and my loverly cup was in the mailbox!! Exactly one day after shark week is over for the month. For once, I will be looking forward to it next month! It is so tiny and squishy! I hope it is the right size. I will nat least have time to make some pads before I need them. :)
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