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mooncup questions

So, I bought a Mooncup after the birth of my third child (now 9.5 months old). I got size "A", which is the correct size. I didn't start using it until about four months ago, because I wanted to give my body plenty of time to heal from birth.

Anyway, I've cut the stem off the cup, because anytime I wore it, it would poke at my labia and drive me insane. I cut a little at a time, until I finally snipped the whole thing off.

But, I have a problem with the cup staying in, and with it leaking. I've always had a low cervix, which can easily be reached with my fingers (I've an IUD), so I shouldn't have to push the cup that far in. I push it up as high as I can on insertion, but sometimes I find that it creeps back down and is soon peeking out, which necessitates a trip back to the ladies' room to correct it. After doing this about six times in one day, I gave up for a while. I've been trying it again in the past few days. For the most part, I can get it to stay in, but if I get up and walk around a lot, it comes down and feels like it's going to fall out!

In addition to this, I'm having to wear it with a cloth liner, because it keeps leaking, just a bit.

Now, I have a pretty heavy flow, probably in part due to the IUD. I'm emptying very often, probably every 2-3 hours (and it's usually quite full). But the leakage, and the "sagging" feeling, are really starting to bother me. I don't want to give up on this. Is it just that my pelvic muscles are that loose and weak after 3 babies? Should I do kegels compulsively? Is there something wrong I'm missing at insertion? I read the website, and I've tried twisting the cup (I'm sure the damn thing is open), I've tried not twisting it and just using my muscles to let it open. I can feel my muscles tightening with my fingers, so I'm not *that* out of tone down there. How do I stop the leakage? I don't want to where a pad AND the cup - that's missing the point!

This is pretty embarassing to write, as right now I feel as if I have the world's largest snatch, seeing as I can't keep a simple cup IN... most of you seem to have more problems getting it OUT.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.
Tags: leakage & spotting, mooncup (uk)
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