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Second Month Report

I just finished my second cycle with the Keeper Moon Cup USA.  I'm proud of myself for trying again after the first month's painful removal, but the suggestions from all of you about how to use a cup with carpal tunnel and other hand disabilities were very helpful and compassionate.  Although I'm still having some hand pain with removal, I realized that the majority of problems from that first removal were due to (oh dear I'm actually going to admit this) trying to do it in the shower with wet hands.  I read in one of the Memories that removal in the shower would make cleanup easier if there were any mess, but it never occurred to me until later that the water didn't actually have to be ON.  Geesh, I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box.

I started this second run using the punchdown fold for insertion.  It took about ten minutes for the cup to open up internally, causing an uncomfortable jolting sensation.  I know many women experience the punchdown as harder to unfold, but does anybody else get that internal jolt when it finally does pop open?  So then I tried the 7-fold, which I never knew existed until reading this community.  Much easier.  Popped open immediately after insertion with no jolt.

So now my next question is about the stem.  It does poke out but I haven't really felt irritation from the blunt stem end, it's more discomfort whenever I move because I can feel the stem and the whole cup moving.  So I find it's most comfortable to wear at night, when I don't move much.

I'm afraid to trim the stem because I'm still anxious from the first time when the cup was riding so high I could barely grab hold of anything to get it out.  The advice to press one finger along the side to break the seal and slide the cup out doesn't work for me -- apparently my fingers are too stubby chubby.  Haven't found the tortilla tweezers yet, has anyone actually used those successfully for removal without also dragging vaginal tissue out with it?  At the moment I'm kegeling to make sure my internal muscles are strong enough to bear down on the cup and bring it low enough to remove if it ever wanders too far up again.  And no turning on the shower until AFTER it's out. :-)
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