godsinstrument (godsinstrument) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Quick dry wearing question...

Hello girls,

Here's my question:  I have rather irregular periods, for some unknown reason, as I'm not on any medication of any kind, but anyway, some months it's day 27, other's it can be as much as day 52.  Go figure.  So anyway, this is just the way I am, and so I was wondering if anyone else with randomly irregular periods, ever wears their cup when it's possible they will get their period while out of the house.  I mean, sometimes I just want to wear my white pants, but I'm afraid it will start up.  Sometimes I wear the cup, just in case, and remove when I get home, so basically a total of a couple hours dry.  Anyone else do this?  Is it possibly harmful or bad in any way?  Is it totally fine?  I just would hate to wear and waste a pantyliner just for that.

Tags: dry run

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