beatgirl (beatgirl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I'm almost ready to get my replacement cup (I would really like to know where the heck my other one went!). I've narrowed it down to the Mooncup UK size A and Lunette (the bigger size). Mooncup UK seems really similar to the Mooncup by Keeper, which is what I had before and I liked it. Does anyone find it to be really similar?

I kinda wanted to try something new, so if that's the case, I'll get the Lunette. How is shipping from overseas?

It seems like the Mooncup UK and Lunette are similar in costs within a few bucks. I decided that the Diva Cup is not for me because it's too long and it will drive me crazy and I'd rather spend the extra money. Sometimes, the Mooncup by Keeper rode down too low and I thought I would die. The Lunette looks like the Diva, but shorter, so I'm willing to try it.

Do you also find it to be the case that the larger cups shift less? I'm 29 and will turn 30 next February, so I figure I'll just order the bigger cup.

So, Mooncup UK vs. Lunette?
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