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leekage, and coverage and bad things oh yuck

Ok well... I'm having a random cycle, and have a very heavy out of no where period, and it is my second time using my moon cup from keeper. I am 20 not a vergin, but not very active with big things... So wehn i had my last period everything was really light and no leeks or anything. This time i can't say I've been as lucky. This evening I went in the bathroom to evacuate if you get my drift, and saw leekage, and reached up to get the cup, and because of stem removal i had to bare down slightly to get the cup out, and it was like a whole little river of blood covered my hand and fingars. Kind of yuckness. I reached in with my fingar as far as i could, and it looked like my cirvex was sitting right in my moon cup. and it was surrounded and it felt secure, but I'm guessing not. Also today I went from coming back from breakfast with the cup so low that it's hanging out trying to kiss my panties, and other times being high enough to where i have to bare down to get it out. I don't know why... I've never had children. I do love my cup, but is it the wrong size maybe? I just don't know. And when I do empty it it's holding stuff, but not full. Please heeelp.
Tags: keeper moon cup, leakage & spotting, teething troubles

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