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Thank you

On day two of my first Divacup usage. I just wanted to thank everyone that post and replies here, without all of you I never would have made a decision on what product to get and if I had I know I would not have had such a successful first time.

I first read about menstrual cups a few months ago and I was sold on the idea. Over the past few years I have really been trying to green up everything in my life and tossing tampons in the toilet and pads in the garbage can was really bothering me, not to mention just the whole nastiness of them anyways. I googled divacup and then divacup vs keeper eventually and found this community after a few weeks of casual research. I think at that point I had already decided on the Divacup, mostly because I'm not too picky of a person and I love

My Divacup came the day after my cycle ended and the day before I left for a week vacation. When I got home I pretty much forgot about the divacup, except every morning I would hear my husband grumble when he opened the medicine cabinet and he would see "my funnel cup" as he calls it. He is just grossed out by it, but hes fine with the idea of me sitting on a nasty pad and/or sticking a piece of bleach processed cotton up my hoohah. So I pretty much forgot about it until a week ago, when I started getting moody and knew what was coming. But at that point I was too bleh and moody to try anything. I did eventually have a go at a dry run and was quite please with how it went but was a bit worried about retrieval. I left it in for only 30 seconds to a min at most. Enough to walk back and forth in the bathroom to see that I couldn't feel it in there. When I went to retrieve it it was WAY up there. Didn't have any issues really but did have to go looking for it so I was a bit worried about leaving it in all day.

Well I guess I didn't know how much things change in there but it's not sitting the far up at all now. Just a little "push" and out comes the stem and I have not had any issues at all. No leaking, no insertion issues, no retrieval issues no complaints at all. Although I think I might be having a bit of cramping, more like discomfort/pressure from the cup, but about a year ago I went through a few months of BAD BAD BAD cramps and I have always gotten ridiculously bloated and had large amounts of pressure in my "belly". I would relieve this by using pads at night but I love the cup so much I am not going to do that anymore. I am what I like to call "a very low flow model" and it's so nice to not have to pull dry tampons out or use pads that are just uncomfortable.

I love the cup so much I just had to share and thank each and every one of you and also ask why someone didn't tell me about this years ago.
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