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First-time buyer seeks advice

Hi everyone! I've been on and off considering switching to a menstrual cup for a while now, and now that I'm on birth control, lightening my flow to something manageable, I think I'm going to go for it. Before I risk buying a cup that's uncomfortable or difficult, though, I want some advice. My vagina is a unique thing, for some reason, and I don't want to end up wasting money on a cup that will be more a financial problem than a solution.

I'm 19 years old and I am not a virgin. However, I find that sexual intercourse is often initially extremely painful. I've gone to the health center on campus and gotten checked out, and the clinician there said that she didn't see any problems. I suspect the problem really just is that I have a short, narrow vagina. I usually have to insert tampons just a little shy of the full insertion length. For many years I couldn't use tampons at all, because inserting them was excruciatingly painful. Even now, I have difficulty with my ah, vibrator - which is only an inch in diameter. With that in mind, can any of you recommend a particular menstrual cup suitable for small, narrow vaginas? My initial thought was a DivaCup because I knew I could get one with relative ease - BUT, the DivaCup is so much larger than all the others now that I look at the comparison. I'm tempted to order the MoonCup (UK), but want to see some veteran input before I jump in. I'm not due for my period for a bit, and I have enough pads and tampons for one more month, so time is certainly not of the essence here. I just don't want to put myself out $40 (US) only to find that something is uncomfortable. So, I seek your advice, menstrual cup veterans - the narrow bitted newbie wants your input. ~_^
Tags: buying decisions, sizes/size issues

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