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Lady Cup Review

So, the other day I lamented that my period was early and my Ladycup hadn't arrived yet. As luck would have it, my cup arrived when I was only two tampons into my period, so I was able use the cup for the majority of the time!

Now, this is my first menstrual cup ever, so I don't know how the Lady Cup compares to other cups, but I give it a resounding two ovaries up!

See, I had a feeling it would arrive Monday, but I didn't check the mail till I was on my way out. I was running errands, but didn't think I would be out long so hadn't brought a spare tampon. So several hours later (who knew waiting in a government office would take alllllll ddaaaayyyyyyyy? ;) ) when I stopped to grab a bite to eat, it was do or die time to try out my new shiny cup. (yeah, in a perfect world I would have had plenty of time to properly disinfect it and practice with it, but what fun would that be? Soap and water had to do.)


Man. The Lady Cup is springy! It really really wants to be open. I used the c-fold but could not for the life of me get it in. I think the problem was I was trying to insert it exactly like a tampon, and it's not quite the same technique, no matter what the instructions say! The first time, I thought I had it in right, but as soon as I stood up I felt a 'pop' and then wanted to die- it had suctioned itself shut, along with the bit of body around it. OUCH.

After several more attempts, I ended up half naked in the stall with a (shoed) foot up on the toilet and using my opposite hand to finally get it. I do everything right handed, but the way my cervix is tilted it was actually easier to get everything situated with my left hand. Fantastic!

I really wish I would have had more time to practice with it before my period, but I'm still really glad I got it when I did. Other than the suctioning shut thing, the only discomfort I had with it was the stem poking me. But, with my vagina being as short as it is, the cup lip rests in my cervix, and the stem is vital to getting the cup back out (there is no way I can fit a finger or two around the rim). I plan on trimming it just a bit before my next period, though. It's so easy to clean, the ick factor is minimal (except for the time when I spilled some down the back of my leg. fantastic.) and my vagina is a very happy camper.

Another thing I noticed, and am grateful for,is the unclean feeling I normally had during my period was gone. I usually shower a couple times a day during my period because I never feel clean, and there was always a lingering smell. This time? nothing. It was amazing. And the post-period yeast infection that I got every. single. month? Didn't happen this time. I wish I would have known about this years ago.

In summary, the Lady Cup: is awesome! Easy to clean, easy to open, easy to remove, comfortable, and definitely well worth the price.
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