Jackie (agraciado) wrote in menstrual_cups,

adventures in menstrual cups

I remember before buying a menstrual cup I researched it endlessly.  I knew that the mooncup uk would be the best cup for me but I was nervous about the price.  So in the end I bought a diva because I got it for like $15.  It served it's purpose but there were problems.   It would randomly leak and sometimes feel like it was slipping out.  It was a good beginner cup though.

Two months ago, I decided to buy the mooncup uk.  It had been taunting me on ebay for a while now.  Can we just say, 'Yay!'  I knew all along it was the cup for me.  It sits beautifully, has great suction, and never leaks.  I'm so happy.  It makes we want to go out and buy other cups to try them out too.

A word of advice:  all cups are not created equal!  With my diva it always sat really low, so I had to cut off the stem.  When I got my mooncup the first thing I did was cut off the stem.  I'm wishing I hadn't.  Turns out my mooncup likes to sit high.
Tags: brand comparisons, divacup, mooncup (uk)
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