Bri (ladygaia87) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hey everyone. There's a slight dilemma going on right now in my household. My brother cleaned my mom's bathroom, and my DivaCup was on the bathroom counter, he moved it to the shelves....and it disappeared. My period is due to arrive in a few days, and I am in desperate need of a cup. So, are there any good, fairly cheap (at least cheaper than a DivaCup) menstrual cups that can be shipped here in a few days? I've considered getting a Lunette or a Mooncup. But it doesn't seem that they are too cheap either. I've heard the latex cups are cheaper, but I'm not sure how true that is. Anyone know?

Also, I've had children, but I'm thinking that the size for women without children would be more comfortable for me. Would there really be any problems if I get the childless/under 30 size cup?

Thanks in advance for help.

ETA: I have a Paragard IUD so Insteads cups are not an option for me.
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