nyarmers (lost_starlight) wrote in menstrual_cups,

So. I've been using my Diva Cup for months now, and have had nothing but good experiences. Really, it's changed my life and I love it.

However.. yesterday was the first day of not-period (aka my first white pill, haha) and I noticed that my cup wasn't in, which was weird and unusual, especially since I always leave it in that day and couldn't remember taking it out. I figured that since I had taken it out to clean/reinsert it really, really early in the morning I had just misplaced it... although that seemed odd as well. Anyway, I haven't been back to the particular place where I had done that (I went out of town), so I'd been working under the assumption that it wasn't in. There was leakage, so I was sure of my forgetfulness. I even had sex under this assumption.

About three minutes ago, I went to the bathroom and IT WAS IN. It was down to its normal position.


Has this happened to anyone else before? Did my vagina try to eat my Diva? The only thing I'm glad about is that I guess this would explain the weird, almost crampy feeling I had this morning..

Should I be worried?
Tags: removal, sexual activity

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