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Hi group,

I just thought about this:  why do women's healthcare providers not suggest menstrual cups?  This came about because I have this condition, almost like an inflammatory process going on in the skin of my vulva.  Basically, the skin starts to thin when moist (i.e. when exposed to discharge for long periods of time, etc.)  I've had gynecologists and women's health nurse practitioners suggest that I only use pads at night and use tampons during the day to decrease the amount of time my skin is sitting on a wet surface.  But when I used tampons they always leaked (even when not full) so I always used pantiliners.  One doctor suggested that pantiliners are not good, especially on a daily basis, because they don't let the vulvar skin "breath."

I figure using a menstruation cup is better for the skin of my vulva, since it allows it to "breath" even when on my period (I always wear cotton panties).  But why hasn't one of the healthcare providers I've seen over the past 5-6 years ever suggested this as an alternative for me?  I refuse to believe they had never heard of menstrual cups. 

Anyone else out there think that cups are better for vulva skin health and integrity?  (I'm a nursing student, so yes, I use the terms skin integrity & skin breakdown) :P
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