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gave up on my Diva...

Back a month, nearly two ago, I posted about some pain issues that I'd been having when trying to use my new-to-me Diva Cup (yes, I did get confirmation from the previous owner that's what it is). Unfortunately, I never did manage to wear it for more than a few minutes without experiencing discomfort.
In the end, I gave up & on the advice of another friend, ordered a "free" 2 piece sample pack {cost me $2.50USD for the shipping} of Instead SoftCups. I used one of them during my last period (my next one is due in 2-3 days) & I love them. So much so that I don't anticipate using another tampon ever again.
Also, just to clear up that last bit about using one during my last period. I'm not saying that I tested it out once, but rather that, for the entire duration of my last period, from the first sight of blood until there was nothing left, I only used one Instead cup. Once per day (I have very light periods), I took it out, rinsed it out under hot water & popped it right back in again. And then, when I was done my period, instead *giggles* of throwing it out, I popped it in a cup of boiling water for a few & it was as good as new.
So... even though all the propaganda says not to, I'd have to say that they're completely reusable! :)

I'm SO ready for my next period!
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