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Cervix issues

 STILL on the period from hell (this is day SIXTEEN) and my cervix dropped this morning. Normally during my cycle it sits way up high. But when it's down low like this it pushes my cup down to a very uncomfortable place, and removal was very painful because it had sealed into my cup. So I have been using the cup the past few days thanks to you ladies who helped me with the bearing down. And I was just wondering: when it's low would it be worth buying a few Instead cups? Or would that be pointless, as removal when my cervix sits inside my cup is so painful? Maybe cloth pads would work? I don't have any but I could look into them. What do you do when your cervix is interfering with cup use?

Also, could we have a tag related to cervix position? I'm thinking I'm not the only person who has questions and issues surrounding that.
Tags: cervix position, instead, removal - painful or problems
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