kakee (sugarrush2007) wrote in menstrual_cups,

divacup question

Hi all. I'm a tampon user who is considering switching to the Diva Cup (not because I've had any sort of negative experiences with tampons - mainly to cut down on waste/cost).

I have very light periods (4-5 days, and I could get by on 1-2 regular tampons a day but for the 8 hour rule). So, here's my concern:

I'm quite squeamish about blood (any blood, not just menstrual blood) and am a little worried about the rule on the Diva website that says you can only leave it in for 12 hours. If the cup doesn't promote TSS, why do they have this rule? Realistically, I would only wash out the cup once a day, in the shower - I don't think I could handle the possibility of getting blood on my hands in a public restroom. I don't particularly care about the cup smelling a bit, as I would disinfect it between cycles. So, is it a real health hazard to leave it in for 24 hours? Should I avoid trying the cup if I'm unwilling to take it out twice a day? I'd really like to jump on the landfill-friendly bandwagon here, but I want to know that I could use it without pushing myself beyond my comfort level.

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