Gloria Marilyn Froese (gloriamarilyn) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Gloria Marilyn Froese

I LOVE my Divacup!!!!!!

Ok, so I finally, finally FINALLY got my period, after almost 6 months of waiting!!! I went off the pill in October, and haven't had a period still. Yes, super frustrating!!

Anyhow, my period started yesterday, and I have to say, I'm having a MAJOR love affair with this cup! It's beyond fantastic. It's easy, clean (yes, CLEAN!), and sooo comfortable. There have literally been no leaks, and no cramps, and no discomfort so far, which is beyond unbelievable. I have been using cloth liners, which have not got anything on them, so they're virtually useless....the Divacup is THAT amazing!

Why did I spend 14 years of my life using stupid pads and tampons????

I wish that there was a way to advertise this better, and to also get rid of the misconceptions that people hold about this. I had one person be all grossed out today when she heard "cup" and "collecting menstrual fluids"- ewwww, I was weeeeeeird!! I don't get it. People use tampons all the time, which also "collect menstrual fluids", but also contribute to cramps and discomfort. How is the cup so different?? Personally, I think it's muuuch more sanitary. (especially considering that tampon strings can get caught anywhere...and it's not sanitary!)

Have there been stickers designed to put in bathroom stalls? If there are, I want to spread them far and wide- everyone should know about this!! I was talking to my sister today- I also converted her, and she's also majorly in love, and we were wondering why more people don't know. She said that if this were better marketed, pad and tampon companies would go down, and since they're multi billion dollar industries, they're never going to let that happen.

I guess word of mouth is the way to go. But man, seriously. Amazing! The best thing EVER invented!!!!
Tags: activism, success stories
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