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Leftovers and activism: together at last!

Hey all. I'm new here and relatively new to using a cup: I bought my Diva last year, but put off actually using it until a few cycles ago. I've never been entirely comfortable with menstruation, for many reasons, but I've found that using a Cup is helping me to get over it. So now that I love my Cup, as a naturally passionate person, I want to find a way to spread that love.

So I've been thinking about it, and while word of mouth amongst friends is great, I've been thinking about getting rid of leftover disposables and spreading the word at the same time. I know that in some college dorms and even in some apartment buildings, they'll set up a "free box" where people can put clothes and stuff they don't want anymore for someone else to take. So maybe those of us who have something resembling a free box, or live in the type of building that would be conducive to having a free box, could arrange little bundles of free tampons with little brochures wrapped around them. Or maybe we could leave a box on top of tampon machines in public restrooms at school or at work, because those stupid things are always empty anyway. But it would be a good way to do good as well as spread the word.

So, does anyone think this could work? Or does anyone have any better ideas? Or cute little pamphlets, brochures, or stickers to put with them? I'm not really the visual-artist crafty type, so maybe someone who is that type can come up with a more specific plan of how to combine the two. Thanks!
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