Mali (aerocowgirl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

damn thing won't pop!

Okay, so here's the deal.

I've looked through the memories and while I've found a lot of helpful information, I'm still having an awful time getting my new divacup to pop open inside me. :( It worked the very first time I put it in, and then once when I waited a day but other than that it's been completely stubborn! I don't really have trouble inserting it. It's a little awkward but not too difficult, but it WON'T pop open!

The instructions say that if it doesnt pop open that I've done it incorrectly and should take it out and try again. Are results more likely to happen if I keep reinserting it or if I play around with it a little bit? I've tried nudging it with my fingers or opening it early on before it's pushed in far enough but the only thing that's happening is that my vagina is becoming very unhappy. I've tried the cold water method and the 7 folding method, too. I know I need more practice but I was hoping it wouldn't be quite this hard :( Since it won't pop open I can't even physically turn it inside me to help nudge it open. I think it's just too tight. Does anyone have any recommendations in nudging it open? Thank you!!
Tags: popping open

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