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Thanks to all of you!

I have been lurking around this community for about two weeks or so, gleaning information from all of you, trying to figure out the best cup for me. Years ago I heard about The Keeper, but due to a latex allergy I quickly forgot all about reusable cups.

One of the worst things about periods is the way we're conditioned to think about them- but even more so, if you're even slightly eco-minded, the guilt that you feel every month during your period. Okay, at least for me. I hated thinking of the waste, even with the some what lessened guilt of using natracare tampons. Not only that, but the vagina becomes taboo to think about, talk about, explore- which is strange considering how amazing our girly bits are!

Anyway, I was reminded of reusable cups again a few weeks ago from Ideal Bite (which may have been the only useful tip I've received from there in yeeeaaarrrsss), and was linked to this community. What. A. Blessing.

On my own, I don't think I would have been so quick to decide on the perfect cup to try first, or even would have found all the different types out there (and I have some pretty mean google-fu). Even more useful was the personal experiences from all types of women- I don't think I can stress how invaluable that is!

As for me, I'm married, 26, and have a tilted cervix (and a very short vagina- tampons, the only period product I would use*, are always, and without exception, too long. Yay uncomfortable and chafing periods!). I do kegels daily as part of my exercise regimen (and come on, they're just fun), so I'm pretty sure I can go with a smaller cup despite inching towards the arbitrary age cutoff for most sizes- and I was really concerned about length.. I tend to be hypersensitive about things touching me, either on my skin or in my vag, so softness was as big an issue that length was.

I've decided that my first (and, fingers crossed, last) try will be the small Ladycup. I just placed my order tonight, and it should arrive before my next cycle (I thank my genes every month for the clockwork way my period runs. every 28 days, on the freakin' dot. And short! Thanks mom! Thanks Grammom!) The few months between now and summer will hopefully be enough for me to get the hang of it. (Who's not going to miss scheduling summertime fun around their period? Me!) Not only that, we're moving cross-country in June, right during happy period time, and knowing Ms. Ladycup is on her way is a weight off my shoulders.

So, a big rousing standing ovation to all of you who've shared their personal experiences, and have been amazingly open and honest with a group of strangers, enabling and encouraging others to the world of menstrual cups. I thank all of you for helping me on this journey with my body and making all your information so accessible. (if I could send all of you cookies, I would!)

*disposable pads are probably the grossest thing I can think of. Aside from the fact that they never work well, with all the slipping and sliding and folding over and general obnoxiousness, -I'm cool with my own blood; I am not, however, cool with it rubbing against my vag all the livelong day. And the smell. UGH.

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