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Stores that accept concealed cash?

Okay, so I'm looking into getting some sort of cup in the near future, but here's my problem- I don't have a credit/debit card and well, trying to explain/convince to my dad that cups are better than pads/tampons is not something I'm comfortable discussing with him [I have no issues with it, but this stuff seems to make him uncomfortable, so I'd like to avoid it] so I'm basically stuck with buying it with concealed cash or a money order or not at all. It's not convenient for me to go to the post office/store to get a money order, but if it's my only option that I'll find time.

Does anyone know of any stores that will accept concealed cash? I've seen a few stores online that accept money orders, but cash is probably the easiest option for me. I don't have much of a preference of any specific one, but for reference- I'm 17 and childless.


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