Abby Cadabby (badabbajamma) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Abby Cadabby

Lunette Pwns

I just got my model 1 Lunette in the mail. Previously I had been using the size 1 diva, and loved it, but it felt too big. So I have the lunette in for a dry run, and all I can say is- Wow. I put it in, and it sealed immediately. And, honestly, I cannot feel it. usually when I put in the diva I have a little bit of a full feeling up in there, and it puts pressure on my insides, and I feel like I have to poo. Not a thing with the lunette. I can feel the stem a little bit, but it isnt bad at all and I may cut it off, depending how far up the cup travels in the next while.
So, to any lady who has a diva1, and is apprehensive about the size- the lunette is so worth it for the comfort. Hopefully it works just as well, when it counts.

ps- I got it at the leastore, it took 10 days to ship and, I also got the lunette wash which it smells really nice.
Tags: divacup, lunette
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