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Unstoppable Leakage! @_@

Help please! ;-;

Ever since I first got my Diva cup (5 cycles ago), I've always had it misbehave a bit with leaking... and I still haven't figured out why! I've tried twisting it, running my finger around, kegeling, pulling it down and letting it settle itself back up there again (I know it's supposed to ride low, but mine won't stay there), and nothing seems to work! Usually, I just hafta take it out and reinsert it... on <i>rare</i> occasion, I'll hafta reinsert it twice. Tonight however, I lost count of how many times I stuck it in there, and it STILL kept leaking!!! I finally gave up and am currently using a tampon - that made me so sad! D: (I don't even have any organic ones because I didn't know how bad regular tampons are for you until after I got my Diva, so this is kinda gross, and I know it's not healthy.) =\

When my Diva works, it's absolutely WONDERFUL, I love being able to sleep for 9 hours and just leave it in there! I don't hafta worry about changing it all the time or carrying it around like tampons, and my body seemed healthier with it... so it's really upsetting my Diva refuses to behave tonight. =(

Has anyone ever had a similar problem?

I'm considering switching cups... I've seen a lot of posts here of Diva users being happy with Mooncups, though I'm a little concerned because I tend to fill my Diva up in as few as 8-10 hours sometimes, and the Mooncup's volume is a lot smaller. I'd rather not become a cup collector right now due to lack of funds, so any advice people could provide would be wonderful! (Especially if anyone has had the same type of problem and a specific brand that fixed it.)
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