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Diva Force Field (aka Cup)

I am on a dry run right now.  As of 6:15 am EST, my Diva FF (cup) has been inserted for pre-menstrual trials.  Insertion was not uncomfortable; however some encouragement was needed for her to pop open.  Now happily in place, I can barely feel that she is there.  The stem seems to be approximately my finger's length from my vaginal opening. 

Background data:  I purchased DFF at Whole Foods on Monday 3/17.  The options there were Diva Cup size 2 or Keeper Size A.  I opted for the Diva because it was made of silicone, and since both were the larger size, that was my deciding factor.  The Keeper states on the package a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, so I asked the gal in the department if the Diva had a guarantee, and she quickly replied that Whole Foods will replace ANYTHING with a receipt.  So, if the trials fail, I will surrender DFF to WF, and most likely go to Lunette (per

recuntulous's recommendation--thanks!).


Off to work I go!

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