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homepage for menstrual cups

Hi there,

I'm all new in this place...and you'll probably notice that my English is not the best and that I don't know exactly how this whole community-thing works out ;o) I'm working on it ;o)

2 years ago I discovered the Mooncup first and changed to the Lunette, because of the higher capacity. I felt and still feel so happy that I've discovered the menstrual cups that I felt like spreading the word actively. That's how the story of my own homepage began.

My homepage includes many pictures of all the cups, as many informations about them as possible and in the future, I'll be translating all the tricks to handle them. If anyone feels like helping me out with the translations or correcting my poor translations...let me know ;o)

So here it is...

There are videos, too, as I think videos explain far better how to handle a menstrual cup instead of my bad english explanations ;o)

I hope I can contribute to the menstrual-cups-communities in the world like this :o)
I'm working on it!

C u

(edit: 08/23/2010)
Tags: activism, brand comparisons, buying decisions, coloured lady cups, diagrams & pictures, divacup, femmecup, insertion - folding methods, keeper, lady cup, links, lunette, miacup, mooncup (uk), sizes/size issues
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