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AGE & SIZE does matter - Diva cup

So i have had a keeper for over 10 years now (actually i had 2 of them in 13 yrs due to losing one) and i was totally ready for something new, and i already knew i wanted a diva cup. My problem was that i turned 30 this year and i couldnt believe that i would need the larger size due to that fact of age.

So i sent Diva a message with all my personal stuff saying basically that i am 30 this year but i do not have sex with men never had a baby etc... things that i thought would make a difference about the size. they responded, very quickly and very nicely (i was nervous since i did add a lot of personal items) and their basic answer was the sizes are so similar that since our bodies do loose elasticity with age that i should choose size 2.

Well my friends the 1st 2 days of my period i struggled with the discomfort and the weirdness of being able to feel it all day long. Now like i said i had a keeper for over 10 years and never had any of these issues.

so i thought i would give it another try on day 4 & 5...(yes ladies i'm a lucky one i have my period for about 7days on average)

anyways no luck!!! its way too big!

so any 30somethings out there...if you dont have sex with men (or penetration sex) you may not want the bigger size.

so now i still need to buy another cup and i guess i should hold onto this one until my body catches up with my age!
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