dee (deevagirl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

don't really know how to phrase the question.

hi all...

i dont know quite how to get the information i really want. i've been reading this community for a LONG time, and i've owned a divacup size 1 for a couple months. so, when i got my diva, i had always had leaking problems with pads and tampons and anything would be an improvement. now that i've had it for a while, the smallest leak is frustrating. i really have no interest in wearing backup pads, i have an interest in learning how to do this right. so i find that all the memories leaking are helpful, but none have solved my problem. and diva international wrote me a form letter... so the problem is ... a general positioning question.

I felt like the instructions were a bit vague on the point of "horizontal, towards your tailbone" and "following the natural curve of the vaginal canal" since its not always horizontal, depending on if one is standing, sitting, squatting etc. and also because the vaginal canal isnt very large (expands to fit) so i can't understand how the direction would be any different from a tampon (other than a tampon is high up) ... I have worn it successfully several times now, but also unsuccessfully (leaking) and can't tell the difference from how it is inserted. should it be past the pubic bone? i know it pops, i stir it, i pull on it a bit, i can twist it, etc. i know its different for everyone, but i feel like theres some missing information *somewhere* that is the missing link for me. i think its a pretty common question and the answers ive found are the tiniest bit unsatisfying. half of the time i hear "too high" and "too low." I put it in really low (stem sticking out), but it rides up really high (end of stem past pubic bone). OH, and i'm 24, sexually active and comfortable with my body, and have done plenty of exploration, and am not squeamish about trying new things.

i LOVE this community because you are all so open and so helpful, so thank you all, and sorry for being so long-winded.

 - dee
Tags: divacup, insertion, leakage & spotting, popping open, seal & suction, stem length/trimming, teething troubles

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