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First Day with MoonCupUS (Keeper)

Started my first inactive pill of the month,and I haven't been on birth control long enough to know exactly when my period is going to come, so I decided last night that I'd try out my new MoonCup US (Keeper) today in anticipation. I'd had the original Keeper, but stopped using it 6 or 7 months ago, due to losing it... Didn't get a new one because after thinking, realized it was causing me some itching and I may have a minor latex allergy. I just realized a month ago that they made silicon ones.

I suddenly remembered a few minutes ago about this plan to wear it today, and thought for a second, "Oh, I need to go put that in!" only to stand up, think for another moment, and remember I put it in this morning (about 4 or 5 hours ago.)

So, I can't say anything about its leak-a-bility yet since I'm not actually menstruating, but I can attest that it sure is comfy :) I haven't noticed it since the second I put it in. It also popped in place much easier than the original Keeper did.
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