absentmindedfan (absentmindedfan) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Accidental IUD removal with Mooncup

Hi all :)

I've been meaning to post on here for months but I haven't actually got round to it until today.
I have my IUD fitted last June, and used a Mooncup with it. After reading lots and lots of info on here and on the IUD Divas community I decided I was happy using both considering the possible risk of removal.
Now, if you're not a complete dork, very tired at 3am in the morning and at the phase of your period where the Mooncup really comes into its own (when your flow is light and tampons would be a scratchy nightmare and pads are hot and uncomfortable) so you're not really thinking about menstruating, then you wont make the mistake I did. But, if you are prone to this kind of nonsense, heed my warning!

I put two sleepy fingers into my vagina, grabbed hold of the cup and pulled.

Big mistake. No middle-finger seal break before this manoeuvre, no wiggling from side to side to ensure the seal is broken...nothing. Suddenly a twitch from my cervix and TA DA! I had expelled my IUD. Smart. Real smart. I kept her (my IUD was called Mavis), I find her fascinating:

One fitting later (incidentally The Doc trimmed my strings to 1 inch long and my OH cannot feel them unless during mega deep penetration, my former IUDs untrimmed strings had been an issue) and I'm on IUD2. She's still called Mavis, but this time I don't want her popping out to say hi.

So girls please, ALWAYS break the seal on your cup!

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