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Blood smell and suction

Hello everyone!

I'm new to this community and to using menstrual cups. I own a large lunette, and I'm getting used to it.

Now, I've got two questions: after using the cup exclusively for the first two days of my period, today (my third day) I noticed that the blood had a strong and quite unpleasant smell when I took the cup out. Now, I empty the cup about every 8 hours, first rinse it with cold water, then wash it thoroughly with Lunette wash and warm water, and rinse it well. I don't have any vaginal infections. What could be wrong? I used pads today to avoid any problems, but I wouldn't like to switch to pads if I can avoid it.

The other problem has to do with suction. I usually have a weird feeling down there, especially when I walk kinda fast. I'm sure it's sealed (I check it out both by running a finger around it and by pulling the stem). Is there a way to reduce this awkward feeling? I guess it must be the suction, because I also find it hard to break the suction when I take it out.


Edit: Thanks about the hydrogen peroxide suggestion. I'm not sure where to find it in Greece, but I'll look for it.

About the 'weird' feeling, I suppose it relates to suction. I first had it with the small Lunette, and it was accompanied by leaking. I then switched to the large one. I have no leaking with it, but I still have the same feeling. The problem is that, when I walk, it feels as if it's gonna slip and fall, and it's a bit annoying. I've tried to place it further up, but it will refuse to open unless it's very low (with the stem poking out, unfortunately..). I'm sure the 'suction' feeling has nothing to do with the stem poking out, though.
Tags: health risks, seal & suction
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