the cute-monger (ladymac111) wrote in menstrual_cups,
the cute-monger

HBC, Diva, and mucus?

I'm a new cup user; I've been using my Diva for two days now with no problems (thanks to everyone for posting :) )  I've also been using hormonal birth control pills for two months now (primarily because my periods were always immensely irregular, and I hated never knowing when it was going to strike).  My question is more about anatomy, so I hope this makes it into the right categories and I apologize if it's not quite right.

Every time I've emptied my Diva, the blood has been REALLY mucusy.  Like, 1/4 liquid blood and the rest bloody mucus that glops out of the cup, but a string of it usually hangs down and I have to try to wipe it off (gross).

But anyway, I was wondering if this is something other people experience?  As I mentioned, I'm on the Pill, and I know one of the things it does is thicken the cervical mucus.  Could all of this be from that and it's just coming out now?  It's not really a problem, but I'm curious.
Tags: divacup, first time use
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