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Please help me create a poll

Hey Everyone,

I love my Diva Cup, but I still experience occasional leaking (which I'm finding quite disappointing). It works like a charm for most of my period, but then occasionally (like this morning! uggh) it leaks a lot! I was just wondering what other people's experiences are, and what cup they use. I was considering trying a Lunette, but the other options seem great as well.

I'd like to create a poll to determine which cup everyone's using and whether or not it's leaking. Have one of these already been done? I took a quick look through, but wasn't able to find such a listing. Apparently I can't create a poll myself (and I put so much effort into making one, and then the darn thing wouldn't post!) Would anyone be willing to create one for me?

Basically, I would add these questions:

1) What type of cup do you use? (list different cups)
2) What size is your cup? (smaller/larger)
3) Do you experience leaking problems? (Yes, almost all of the time/ Yes, at least once per period/ Occasionally/ No, not at all)
4) What fold do you use?
5) What sort of preventative "tricks" do you use to prevent against leakage? (i.e. stirring, etc).
6) How would you rate your cup with regards to leakage and overall comfort?
7) Anything else you would like to mention about your cup/leakage?

So would anyone be willing to do a poll like this? Of course you can change it up and add your flavour if you wish. I just really want to know how other women's cup experiences are going and how they prevent against leakage. Perhaps the Diva is perfect for me, but I just occasionally insert it incorrectly.

If there is a poll like this already, please let me know.

Thanks Ladies!
Tags: leakage & spotting
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