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Leaking and migration in Lunette Cup

Hi everyone. I have been using my Lunette cup since August and I have never had a cycle where I didn't leak and/or migrate almost the whole cycle. I have tried different folds, different positions, and different times. I spin, gently tug, feel it open and think it's in, and then it will start to head south, or will be leaking. The best it ever did was the first time I had to insert it in a bathroom stall (which I had been dreading). This time I lasted, on my heaviest day, hours with no leak OR migration. I have been unable to recreate this situation. I don't think it's my vaginal tone. The midwife says I have good tone and I mostly try to do my kegels. I was wondering if I enlarged the holes a little if that would improve suction? I do notice that a lot of times when I leak or migrate, the holes appear to have tissue in them (I mean cell tissue, not TP). Could this be the prob? Everything I have read here seems to have conflicting info anout the holes. Some say if you want to improve suction to enlarge, and some say if you want to relax suction to enlarge. I don't want to ruin my cup!! I really really want to love the cup!!! Please help!
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