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I'd only had it in about 3 hours, but was anxious to pull it out and investigate it's catch. Eagerly, I sat down on the toilet and reached between my legs to pull it out. I didn't think I had to pee. I was wrong. So, after I pissed all over my hand and arm and rinsed them off, I pulled the cup out and was immediately amazed and amused by the thick, if shallow, pool of blood on the bottom.

Then, I dropped it. In the piss-filled toilet. FAIL! Sighing, I knelt on the floor and reached into the yellow water. The disturbance in the water was enough to send the cup further down the toilet and well into the little disposal hole. So there I am, swishing through bloody, pissy toilet water to get my vagina cup out of the drain of a toilet. I was REALLY glad I'd cleaned the toilet boil last night!

So I got it out, soaped it up a few times in hot water, and popped it back in. I'm about to go empty it the second time. Let's hope it goes a bit better.
Tags: removal, teething troubles

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