Caitlin (rainbogirl07) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New Moon Cup User!

After hearing about a Diva Cup a few years ago, I decided this year that I would do my research and get a cup. I finally decided on a Moon Cup, because they seem to be the smallest and softest from what I read.

I have a question for Moon Cup users. Does your cup say on the inside what size it is? I ordered a B (checked my email receipt, so I'm sure.), but I noticed there's a little "A" on the bottom inside. Do all of them have that, or did they give me the wrong size?

My cup won't twist, and I can't run a finger around it to make sure it's sealed, but if it makes a schlorpy sound as it slides up, and I feel a light suctiony pressure on my cervix, that means it's how it ought to be, right?

I'm pretty small in there, so I have a harder time getting it out than in. Pinching the base to release totally does nothing. I have to reach in, and smash the sides in to release it, which makes it hurt coming out because it's so wide. Overall, it's not too bad, but if anybody has any suggestions, that would be great.

And thanks for all the info I've already gotten! What a helpful group of people this is. :) I'm glad I stumbled across you.
Tags: keeper moon cup, removal, seal & suction, sizes/size issues

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