polkadotskirt (polkadotskirt) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Wow 3000 members!

I just noticed there are 3000 members in this community.

Now, assuming that 2500 of them use the cup, as opposed to exploring the possibility of using the cup, this is how many tampons/pads we're saving per year.
- assume that, on average, 3 tampons/pads are used a day, for 4 days/ month, that's 144 disposables/ woman (I think this is quite conservative, I certainly used to use more and for longer)
- 144 X 2500 = 360 000

that's THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY THOUSAND DISPOSABLES SAVED PER YEAR. And I think my estimates are low. Try and picture 360 000 tampons and pads in landfill, or in the sea. Picture the huge, ugly, polluting factory that makes them. Picture the lorries used in their transport. Picture the mountains of packaging. And then feel very good about using the cup, exploring other options and helping other women to use alternatives. The little choices we make matter, especially when multiplied by 3000 members.

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